Attention to your issues

I worked as a support engineer before and have hated people calling me after work.
Putting myself into the other’s shoes, I would avoid calling my colleages from the other side of the world at the time outside their working hours. Emails or IM are okay becuase I think people can choose to revert at a later stage. We all have our own prority and I think they should be respected.
However, this approach does not seem to work. I am facing some production issues in the last few days but I think I am not getting enough attention to my issues. On the contratry, my team mates reporting UAT issues got addressed very soon. I see my mailbox filled with UAT issues but onbody seems to look at my problems. It seems the ones who write the most emails/stay up till very late at night/making frequent phone calls will catch the necessary attention. This is really “unhealthy” to our health and effeciency.
The customer I work with is a reasonable one and I think they deserve good attention/service. I am really sad that they don’t get what they should be getting. 2 complains have been received and I think something must be done about it!

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