My Japanese Friend

Last night my mobile rang after 12 midnight. Normally, I would switch the mobile off earlier or change the ring tone so it won’t wake my mum up. But last night it was special because I knew someone would call me. Who?! It is my one and only Japanese friend M. (I guess by now, you may understand why I suddenly type in Engish even tough my English is so poor. I am hoping one day, this friend of mine will read my blog and find this about herself.)
Funny enough, she changed job almost at the same time as me. Soon after she started, she was sent to US for training. She has been in US for one and half month and will stay till October. There are 40 people in her class and everyone comes from all over the world, China, Africa, etc. She has to take some courses because she is a field engineer and will be looking after power plants back in Japan. She is staying in a service apartment and very busy with her study. You know what?! She has assignments to do!!
I met her when I volunteerd for Syendy 2000 Olympic Games. She was an exchange student. We were in the same team (morning shift). Because I got 2 jobs (1 in the village and 1 as customer service) then and my normal work, I often finished earlier when doing this morning shift. Although we did not stay together for long, some how I like her very much. She is friendly and very smart. I even introduced her to my other friends. After the study, she went back to Japan but she kept in touch with one of my friend A. I only keep in touch with her by sending junk mails, pictures I took during my trips. It really amazes me that our friendship can remain so long and sound.
There is so much I want to write about her but I think that’s it for now. For those who read my blog, sorry for my English.

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